[Matsuyama Castle]
(6 minute walk from the hotel to the ropeway platform)

Also known as "Iyo Matsuyama Castle", "Kinki Castle", and "Katsuyama Castle". This is one of only twelve surviving castle towers built during or by Edo period.
The entire area of Shiroyama-kōen Park within the moat is a national historic site, and 21 buildings are designated important national cultural properties.

[Saka no ue no kumo museum]
(1 minute walk from the hotel)

Designed by architect Tadao Ando, the four-story building with one basement floor was opened in April 2007 as the core facility of Matsuyama City's urban development efforts, with an awareness of the history and culture of the Matsuyama Castle area and the surrounding natural environment.
There are exhibitions and various events related to Ryotaro Shiba's novel "Saka no ue no kumo" (Clouds over the Hill).

[Dogo Onsen]
(17 minutes from the hotel by tram and on foot)

Known since ancient times as one of the three oldest hot springs in Japan, its existence is mentioned in the Manyoshu, and it is also depicted in Natsume Soseki's novel "Botchan".
The water quality of the simple alkaline hot spring is said to be gentle, smooth, non-irritating, and suitable for hot spring cures treatment and beauty.

[Okaido Shopping Street]
(2 minutes walk from the hotel)

It is a pedestrian-only arcade shopping street that stretches in the north-south direction from Ichibancho-street to Senbune-cho-street, with a total length of 483m. To the north, it continues to the ropeway area, which is crowded with a variety of stores, including gourmet food and shopping, as well as branch streets.

(4 minute walk from the hotel)

A French-style Western building that conveys the romance of the Taisho era, built in 1922 as a villa by Count Sadakoto Hisamatsu, a descendant of the former lord of the Matsuyama domain.
In 1985, it was designated as a Tangible Cultural Property by Ehime Prefecture, and in 2011, the main building of Bansuisou and the caretaker's house were designated as National Important Cultural Properties.
Currently, the museum features paintings, hanging scrolls, traditional artifacts, various events, and private exhibitions.

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