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| Japanese and Western buffet breakfast with Shikoku delicacies and arrangements |

Local ingredients and specialties are actively used not only in the main menu, but also in side dishes such as miso soup with refined sweetness made with barley miso from Ehime Prefecture, Setouchi lemons for dessert, and Pon juice for drinks.
We also recommend the Western-style menu that blends well with the café-style venue. Cheese fondue, hot vegetables, pasta of the day, Ehime's original salted bread, self-serve sandwiches, low-sugar oatmeal, and other dishes are enjoyed by young and old, men and women, and even by guests staying for consecutive nights.

Buffet Menu (Salad Corner)

Buffet Menu (Salad Corner)
Buffet Menu (Western Corner)
Buffet Menu (Japanese Corner)
Buffet Menu (Bread Corner)
Buffet menu (desserts)

Example of Western food arrangement
Example of Western food arrangement
Example of Western food arrangement (overhead view)

Example of Japanese food arrangement
Example of Japanese food arrangement
Example of Japanese food arrangement (overhead view)

Recommended Menu (Daily special)

| Grilled young chicken with teriyaki sauce (using Pon juice) |

Ehime Prefecture is known for its "Pon Juice".

This is an original recipe from Hotel Vista Matsuyama that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Grilled young chicken with teriyaki sauce

| Tacomeshi (rice cooked with octopus) |

It is one of Ehime Prefecture's local dishes with its roots in fisherman's rice, in which soft octopus is cooked in rice.

The texture of the octopus goes well with the rice, and the fresh aroma and flavor of the condiments added as an accent makes this dish simple yet delicious.


| Imotaki |

One of Ehime Prefecture's local dishes, it is stewed with ingredients such as taro, chicken, konnyaku, and shiitake mushrooms.

Taro is used for celebrations and New Year's dishes as a lucky charm for the prosperity of offspring, since the parent taro grows along with its offspring and grandchild taro.


| Sanuki udon |

Sanuki udon, a specialty of Kagawa Prefecture in Shikoku, is served cold in summer and with hot broth in winter.

You can also make your own curry udon by mixing curry roux and soup stock as you like (we also recommend the udon with jako katsu on top).

Sanuki udon

Regular Menu

| Cheese fondue |

Rich and flavorful cheese fondue is served daily.

Serve with steamed vegetables, which are also served regularly, the daily grilled menu, or with your choice of bucket or bread.

Cheese fondue

| Jako Katsu Sandwich (self-service) |

Customers can create their own original sandwich by combining Ehime's soul food "Jako Katsu" with their favorite bread.

Dipping sauces include mentaiko, onion chili, egg spread, and more, plus cheese fondue, lettuce, ham, and more from the buffet menu... Of course, you can also order without the jakko-katsu, so find the flavor you like.

Jako Katsu Sandwich (self-service)

| Curry using long eggplant from Ehime Prefecture |

This curry is filled with long eggplants from Ehime Prefecture, which have a nice texture and melt-in-your-mouth flavor. The secret ingredient is "salted mandarin orange," a seasoning with just the right amount of saltiness, which gives the curry a delicious taste that will keep you coming back for more.

You can make a vegetable curry with steamed vegetables, or add the daily grill menu or jako cutlets... Please feel free to enjoy this buffet and its arrangements.

Curry using long eggplant from Ehime Prefecture

Venue Information

Venue1F「VISTA Cafe」
Business Hours6:30-10:00(L.O. 9:30)
Price1,800 yen (tax included)

Displays of Tobe pottery, photo panels showing the Daigaido, and a library related to Ehime Prefecture are in perfect harmony with the interior design of the venue, creating a comfortable space. Please spend a pleasant moment at the beginning of the day.

Entrance to Vista Cafe

Breakfast scene at Vista Cafe